Heartache and the Sea

by Bill Turner   Dec 12, 2005

Allegedly heartaches are cured by the sea
All I know is I long for the sound of the surf
Cold winter waves washing over my feet
Chill soaking through my shoes and booze
Wandering in the surf feeling of nothing to lose

Wet sand clinging to my feet and clothes
Like so many others along for the ride
The sound of shells breaking under my feet
Reminds me of the pain I have left along the way
Needing a hot shower, cold beer and an end to the day

He will be out of the house in a little over a year
I better figure it all out long before then
His laugh, his face, the smile and joy he brings
Will not be here when the demons come into my life
What happens then...adding to my tale, leaving more strife

I will have to head back to the sea
Attempting to wash the sins from my soul
Try and get this pain to leave my lonely heart
People smile and say it will be all right
Where are they when day turns to night?

I have survived so much in such a short life
Somehow I will put these thoughts away
Even if it means forever closing my heart
I cannot believe that people really need love
They swear that the feeling is a blessing from above

This pain is straight from the depths of hell
No other way to explain the way I feel
Nothing is chasing my blues away
I will close my eyes and drift off this lonely night
Knowing that come tomorrow my world will still not be right


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by Cindy

    Wow this contains a lot of very deep emotion. Very well written and sad. Great job!

  • 13 years ago

    by JJ

    The emotion is so pure and deep, it just makes you cry. what else is there to say? I'm at lost for for words.... this is one of the best sad poems I've read. outstanding write!

  • 13 years ago

    by Lydia O

    I really admire your deft interweaving of the torment from pain and sadness with the calming influence from the wistful call of the sea. This was an exceptionally beautiful and yet haunting poem.

  • 13 years ago

    by Ann Stareyes

    I'm lost for words....I'm so sorry!!! I'm sorry that your heart is breaking. I wish I could take the pain away but I can't...When my friends hurt so do I...You're in my thoughts and prayers. Love ya, Ann

  • 13 years ago

    by Lu

    Bill ,
    I really do not know what to say ...
    I am usually never at a loss for words but the tugging that this piece has done to my heart has left me speechless...
    I know there is no words that will make your feelings better and your sadness disappear ...
    I just hope that you can somehow find peace ...

    Always here for you my friend , Luanne

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