Look, Solstice Girl

by Matters   Dec 28, 2005

Not my best work... just a warning.

Once there was a blackened girl,
Who lived in hidden fears,
Enjoying endless escapades,
Of burnt, acidic tears.

She'd bind herself to chambers,
Breath would frost cement,
She'd run, and he would maim her,
As she forced a warped repent.

One day, she was ready,
To fill her empty glass,
So she ran down to the water,
Followed by her past.

She paused for just a moment,
But that was all she'd need,
Her eyes gazed at the sky,
As her internal demons fleed.

And what she saw was dazzling,
True miracles, confined,
The stars on solstice night,
Could unknot any bind.

She ran back now, a free soul,
Her life would not be taken,
So when the day turns into night,
More than moons awaken.

Comments and votes greatly appreciated. Hopefully returned. *Insert guilty face here.*


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Latest Comments

  • 14 years ago

    by Nearly but not quite

    Once again all I can say is wow, 5/5!

  • 14 years ago

    by Dory

    I love it matt :-) O ya. I guess i havn't lost it! IM so happy. will u tell some of ur friends to check me out? I love ya. Thank you for commenting. Nice job urself :-)

    --Dory ((THE best friend :-p))

  • 14 years ago

    by Torn

    Great poem matt..im simply blown away.
    sorry i havent commented lately..ive been away from the internet for ages.
    About this poem..truly inspirational.
    i really enjoyed reading it.
    You hold so much hope..thanks for sharing it in your exceptionally awesome writing.
    PS:im sorry i forgot ur bday...i didnt actualy forget it but i couldnt send u anything:'(
    much love xoxoo

  • This is truely a great poem and if its not ur best i am curious to know what is
    oh and just a pointer when you say forever dont because when you do it never lasts but maybe you will be an odd one and make it last hopefully that is what will happen for you

  • 14 years ago

    by LovelyDivine

    Excellent. very touching. nice work. Happy New Year!