4 my sis-A Poem of my Persevering Love

by Chelsey   Dec 31, 2005

For my Big Sister Eirisa

To You Sunshine:

I remember and flash back, to how and when we met
One simple comment, a tear that was shared over the net
Got online that day, not knowing what was in store
A new hero in my book, someone I truly would adore

I remember never crying harder, after reading someone’s poem
My heart broke knowing someone felt this alone
I prayed that God give me the words, to help this girl pull through
He not only gave me that, but a new sister that is you

A new member on my favorites list, oh how I love the way you wrote
I’d leave you with a comment and a 5 when I would vote
I remember that first year, how times were just so hard
For both you and I, our feelings were so jarred

Both of us turning to poems, then finding a pattern
We were down because of the same thing which was heartburn
We had trouble with our best friends, all we did was cry
You thought she was your girl, and the same thought occurred to I

You were having trouble with your man, a little more then me
What do I say to someone like that? I just couldn’t believe
I seen poems of your past, literally fell of the chair
Wondering how is it that no one could care

So the e-mails started, with just a thank you and hello
With each letter typed, we could see our friendship grow
You reminded me of my wrongdoings in my life
Now all of that is cleared up because of your advice

When either one of us, wanted to complain or vent
We went to each other; do you know how much that has meant?
My parents went through a hard time; you were there through it all
Just through a simple e-mail, I didn’t even call

Through the times of one anothers low self esteem
We showed each other our beauty within our bloodstream
If you were to die tomorrow, I don’t know how I’d make it
Who knows what I’d be capable to commit

I’d have this burden on me, like a hard heavy boulder
I’d walk around carrying that on my shoulder
So please keep yourself healthy, keep yourself alive
For someone across the oceans, needs you not to die

I know that sounds a bit selfish, that sounds a bit rude
You’re just a part of my life that I have to include
I thank you for your friendship; it’s the greatest feeling in the world
To know I have someone to trust and actually consider “my girl”

Risa you are basically my best friend, for right now and forever
Whatever we go through sunshine, we will go through together
With the both of us, there is nothing we can’t handle
We’d be the wind to blow out the candle

Big sister if I was with you, I’d never leave your side
3 A.M you can call me if you needed to cry
I’d never become angry at you for a simple mistake
I’d allow you to come running to me if your heart shall break

Sometimes I think of moving out there not just because of you
But I’d love to start a life that’s mine and brand new
If that ever came true, I’d want to move next door
Because I have waited a lifetime to have a sister forevermore

My love for you is endless girl, there is no stop sign
If there is it must be invisible, or I must be going blind
This poem I feel is the best I’ve wrote, written for someone special
A woman in my eye that is a shiny golden apple

I love my big sister although she may be in the computer screen
I just know she’ll be there for me whether I’m 99 or 14
I send you cyber gift, cyber kisses, and cyber hugs
This poem is to show you my persevering love


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Latest Comments

  • 15 years ago

    by *Charisma*

    Loved this poem. so heartfelt. we all need a friend like that. good job and incredible rhyme scheme specially with it being so long. Jpoet*

  • 15 years ago

    by Laura

    OMG...this was beautiful. I could feel the love and support dripping from this poem. Your friend must be very special for this poem is a true deducation and very well written. Not many people get to experience the type of friendship you describe here....I can see why it is one of your favorites!! 5/5

  • 15 years ago

    by Lu

    Chelsey ,
    Awww sweetpea , this brought tears to my eyes...
    So incredibly beautiful , touching and loving..
    I know in my heart Erisa loves you as much as you her because you are the sweetest little angel heart I know....
    Beautiful A.I.D ....

  • 15 years ago

    by Eibutsina

    Oh baby sis, my lil titta
    What can I say but wow...like really jaw dropping WOW! Im so touched and honored for you to have constructed this beautiful and precious piece of poetry for me...it made my heart smile, it made my day. It said everything about the way I feel about you and just how much you mean to me, the affects you have had on my life and the times that you have helped pull me thru. Thats what friendship and true sisters is about Chelsey and I couldn't ask God for a better one than what I have been blessed enough to have found in you...
    Thankyou my angel from the depths of my heart and with every inch of love within that for such a touching and memorable write...
    Your sis
    Eirisa xoxo

  • 15 years ago

    by JJ

    Aww sweet Eirisa! I don't have a big sister but if I did have one, I wish it were Eirisa. she seems like a loving, caring, understanding big sis. best wishes to you both...

    beautiful dedication!