GiVe It BaCk!!!!!

by ~*~TeRrIfIeD~*~   Jan 6, 2006

I sit, cry and think
day after day night after night
only to find I'm where i started
my dreams are out of sight

i used to hope so much
until my world fell apart
thats the worst memory ill always have
the moment someone stole my heart

thats when the problems erupt
i don't know where my heart belongs
i need it back so bad
to again and finally last as Strong

Ive been seeking for it for years
trying to hunt it down
theres been times i thought i was lucky
but smiles soon turned to frowns

Ive lost and gained relationships in the past
and somewhere along that way
i lost the best part of me
birthdays Xmases since, for my heart back i pray

these are my final pleads
please I'm losing track
so if you have it and your out there
I'm begging just give it back!!!


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