Moving on~ by panda...but on sophs lol

by ~*~TeRrIfIeD~*~   Apr 25, 2006

Why arent you listning?
I need you by my side
Can you even hear me
Or dont you want to try?
I need to kow your feelings
Cus you know how i feel,
But i never find the truth from you
Your fake and never real.
I thought that we could actually work
But i guess that i was wrong,
I hve been waiting for you 2 tell me
While im bein stringed along.
So il wipe these tears away
And walk away from you,
And maybe then youll realise
That you might of liked me too.
I dont deserve to be messed around,
when i thought that you cared,
But ive now erased all the memories that we had ever shared.


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  • 15 years ago

    by ~*~TeRrIfIeD~*~

    No it a girl... not a mr skate dude
    hey neway...thnx 4 the comment x