I fell for you

by ~*~TeRrIfIeD~*~   Apr 15, 2006

We had a bumpy 6 months
but they were the best
we had giggles and tears
and i was looking forward to the rest

but it came as a shock
when the text came through
'its not going to work'
are the words that came from you

i tried my hardest to please you
i was in it from the start
i was a little afraid from the past
but it didn't stop me giving you my heart

but the sad thing now is....
my heart you still own
and now through life i got to get through
but I'm scared...I'm all alone

i fell so hard and fast for you
everyday I'm loving you more
I'm crying every second inside
i don't know how long i can put this up for

people telling me to move on
but their not inside
and these feeling i got are real
and ones I'm not willing to hide

because i love you i just want you to be happy
and its not that I'm afraid to move on
its just somewhere along the line
Ive got to realize you've gone

and thats going to be the last goodbye
the hardest day of my life
the day i don't want tomorrow to come
because i know ill never be your wife


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