ShOrT WaIt

by JaSoNs LiL bAbY   Feb 6, 2006

It was love at first sight,
and these feelings we can not fight.
my parents say i can not see you because you are to old,
but in words these feelings can not be told.
it is only two years,
you remove all my fears.
my dad said you will be together never,
butt i told him that i would live you forever.
so he said fine when you are 16 bring him home ill shake his hand and tell him that i am happy to meet him,
but until that day it is not happening.
when i am with you i lay there and smile at you,
you ask why i stare i say because i am so in love you say you are too.
i just want to lay there and hold each other tight,
i want to lay and hold you every night.
there is 6 months until I'm 16,
you make me feel like a queen.
i cant help but cry,
i just cant stop no matter how hard i try.
we will be together again,
until then you Will be my best friend.
i love you so much baby,
i know you feel the same for me.
i don't know how muck more i can take,
so ill just have to keep telling my self that is just a short wait.

* hi all could you all please comment on my poem and i will be happy to do the same thanks*


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