Now i know the truth

by JaSoNs LiL bAbY   Mar 28, 2005

Just now i found out about all your lies, why couldn't you tell me this when we said our goodbyes?
you think its funny that you did what you did, i really hate you sometimes you act like suck a kid.
but other times i love you but i really don't know why, because all you ever did was cheat, play and lie.
so some body plz help me see, what happens next in my life what happens to me?
do i end up happy or do i end up sad?
will the next guy treat me good or will he treat me bad?

*this is not about the same guy i wrote all my other poems about this one was just a little player who didn't really mean much to me but can you plz comment and ill be happy to do the same for you thanx*


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  • 19 years ago

    by NK

    thanks for commenting on my poem.. your not so bad yourself... good work! :)

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