Why cant i make you happy

by JaSoNs LiL bAbY   Jul 5, 2005

Being a teen isn't always easy,
some times we do things wrong,
and sometimes we need to get free,
and sometimes you should let us be who we want to be,
when we do things wrong, we're only going through a stage,
but when you yell and scream at us, we pull out another page of childhood pain and sorrow,
so here is some of the grief we have to swallow,
we go for months without our friends,
and wait for the day it will all come to an end,
boyfriends and best friends just B**** and brawl,
but every day we still stand tall,
you might see me as a disgrace,
but it doesn't help when you're in my face,
so let me free,
maybe then you will see,
i can change,
and be who you want me to be.


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  • 19 years ago

    by Alyssa

    Hey I really like this poem. Most people don't always relize how hard it is to be a teen. Or maybe they forget. Well anyways great job on this. If u can will you rate my poems thanks.

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