Im over you

by JaSoNs LiL bAbY   Mar 26, 2006

The time has now come,
i was wrong to think you were the one.
i was 13 you were 18,
how stupid could i have been?
to think that you really did care,
the way you treat girls really is not fair.
Kevin i loved you,
i missed looking into your beautiful eyes so blue.
i still talk to you every now and then,
i wish i knew better back when.
back when i was young and stupid,
and could not hate you for what you did.
i didn't think that what you did was wrong,
i only just realized now after so long.
you never cared,
they meant nothing the moments we shared.
i know now there were others just like me,
all of us to blind to see.
see how you really were,
to us all of this was such a blur.
now you say you will be with me when I'm 17,
you say when this time comes you will treat me like a queen.
well i have found someone who treats me well,
hes not like you he wont put me through hell.
I'm in love with this boy,
and he does not treat me like another toy.
you were my first and ill always remember you,
but i just wanted to let you know that i am over you..


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