Forever & Always

by Katie   Feb 15, 2006

After all the changes I made, you changed me the most.
With you, baby its hard to believe that we got this close.
I'm amazed by you and wonder every day why,
Why do I deserve you? Why, for once, I can't cry.

You're a best friend, so pure and true.
A love so kind, beautiful and new.
You're now my heart and soul.
You give me so many feelings that I can't control.

With just a simple thought of you, you make my heart skip a beat.
A love like ours, there's no way to defeat.
You're the one for me, there's not a doubt in my mind.
A love better than yours, it's not possible to find.

I spent my whole life wishing for someone like you.
Now that I have you, I don't know what to do.
You are the best thing that's ever happened to me and I won’t let you go.
Baby, forever and always, I will love you so.


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