As Our Love Grows

by Katie   Mar 2, 2006

They say love is blind.
But for us, it was easy to find.
You and me, we're a perfect pair.
We found a love for only our hearts to share.

Nothing to come between, no one to break us apart,
These true feelings have been there from the start.
It's like a book that only we can write,
When you hold me in your arms each and every night.

You give me smiles, and you give me joy.
We have a love that can never be destroyed.
You and me, side by side and hand in hand.
This is a love that only you and I could understand.

Memories being made of you and me,
Love holds us together, only we can see.
Promises have been made and no lies have been told.
So many secret truths are for you to find and hold.

Don’t ever leave and don’t ever ask why.
You're my one and only, I could never deny.
You're the one for me, everyone knows.
Together forever, as our love grows.


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