Speed Dial #1

by Katie   Jan 29, 2006

I can't hold on much longer.
Life is harder now, I need to be stronger.
My friends left me, my family is gone.
I have to leave this place, and I will before long.

The pain is too much to take.
My heart is theirs to crack and break.
Love doesn’t exist in my soul no more.
Because of you I am broken, bruised, and sore.

Don't tell me that I am okay and don't show me your pathetic smiles.
I have emergency 911 as number 1 speed dial.
I'm ready to leave and I am not the least bit afraid.
This might just be the best mistake I will have ever made.

You can't erase my scars, the pain is too real.
A flow of blood that you can see, but never will you feel.
About to pull the trigger as memories consume me.
Free from this pain I soon shall be.


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