I Loved You Then.

by Unseen Exposure   Feb 17, 2006

I know it now, I loved you then
But words came late, hearts were broken
I should have told you time and again
Fatal actions left phrases unspoken.

I feel it now, I loved you then
If only I had felt it before it ended
But the turns came too quickly, too fast
All emotions were left suspended.

I see it now, I loved you then
More than these petty words could express
Why I never said anything to you
Is a secret I'll never confess.

It's all clear now, I loved you then
Though, before you'd never have known
I watched you leave so silently
And you assumed I'd make it on my own.

I hate you now, I loved you then
Your carelessness has made me ache
You're flawed, so flawed, inside and out
I loved you then, but now I hate.


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  • 14 years ago

    by Kristi White

    ♥ it's awesome. I love it. as always. youre writing is so powerful

  • 15 years ago

    by Cuddles


    *hugs and smiles*