What I am to you.

by Unseen Exposure   Feb 20, 2006

I'll force away the scabs from every single scar
Just to bleed for you.
How can I express to you what these incisions mean;
When you're not willing to listen?
How can I show you my life in little pieces;
If you won't open up your eyes?

My God, it's beating me senseless-
I force myself to say these words.
"I'm not nothing, I'm not nothing."
Attempting to convince myself that I have worth.
And it does no good.

How good is that high?
That temporary high?
Because it leaves you loveless and dead.
Waterfall, "And All Be All", get this out of my mind
He said to me what she said to you;
Our stories intertwine
Our lives mix together.

Idle time and wasted air;
Dreaming with no cause.
Asleep while I try to let you in;
Turn your head away from me, you're too tired.
Make time, or make a decision, don't stand still.

"They're like the world, they don't change over night."
I don't want to have to change you.
I won't compete with illegal substances;
I won't beg for your attention.
You're no addiction- I can quit you.
Hassle free..
Just a mangled heart and shot confidence.

"Alright." Respond so melancholic;
I'm looking in all the wrong places.
Wake up, bloodshot eyes!
"Give me 10 more minutes."
You're with me; waste your time in bed.
Admit that I am nothing.
Lies. Lies. Lies.

Put me in a song, title it "Second Best."
I'll respond with "Final Straw."
Bitter? Maybe, so I'll walk away.
No, I won't expect you to stop me-
You can't stop someone when you don't realize they're leaving,
And you-
You won't notice.

Words. Words. Words. Words. Words.
I make this effort in vain.
I speak, I yell, I yearn.
... and then I wait.
But I can take it.

"I'm going to try, you have to help me;
Lie for me, please."
The universe is cracking, I'm falling through
I can't help you if you won't be helped.
I can't try for you, I must try with you.

From now on;
You are to me-
What I am to you.


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  • 15 years ago

    by TormentedSoul

    I really liked the poem alot!!!! it was really good! awesome job!