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You look in my eyes, and told me there are beautiful living in my life. I look in your eyes, and told you there are no perfectionist man can love me like you do..................................

I'll never stop rating and comment the poems I read.. I would say, I rate over 25 poems every 10 minute until I feel like stopping. I comment a lot of you guys, some of you return and some of you don't. It's all good as long I am sweet. I commented 20 or 30 people's poems that gotten me interesting. Message me if you got anything to say.................

I am writing new poems right now, I hasn't update them yet. I just wrote about how unperfect I am to let you know I am kindly confuse to be open to myself knowing isn't easy to hold the pen and write on paper, say what on my mind. I don't look myself as a poet. I wanted to feel I am, but I just don't know how to write as I feel anymore. Isn't there to satisify my words of what who I am. So many words are so many meaning is just too much to express in one sentence or more. I am almost done telling you this is it. This is real and this is my chance not to be afraid anymore. I can be confuse writing but it sure make sense to me and will cleary understand what I came from, who I am, and where I landed to stay strong.

So, I'll be checking out many more poems to check.

Bless you all

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  • I dont know wat u done 2 my heart but
    the HAPPINESS, I am scare 2 smile
    The PAIN, I am scare 2 feel
    The TEARS, I am scare 2 touch my own tears I gave up my life 4 u 2 be with u 4 us y u made me feel scare 2
    LOVE someone wen u are free away from me

    12 years ago
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  • -Believe the pictures more
    Than believing the words-

    14 years ago
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  • I aM NoT AfRaID to TelL my DarKnEss, Yes it's A SeCreT

    14 years ago
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