Two Sisters love

by Chelsey   Feb 25, 2006

Two sisters pried apart from each other
Separated by thousand miles of sea
Waiting and desiring to be with one another
Imagining the day of just her and me

I now understand
Of a mother or fathers pain
When their child; a soldier
May never be seen of again

You see, my only sister
Is not just some states away
But a continent, another nation
Miles upon miles is where she stays

A couple thousand dollars it’d cost
To jump on a plane and fly
My money doesn’t grow on trees
Nor does it fall from the skies

Our phone bill would cost so much
We choose not to call
By now some people would just give up
And say not to bother them at all

But see you can’t give up on family
No matter how far they are in the world
So we choose not to give up
She’ll forever be my girl

She was not here to watch me grow
But she would have been young too
So how much would she really remember?
If she seriously seen how I grew

So perfect memories are made
Even if just talking online
I could stay up all night
Even though we are in different zones of time

We have to Photoshop our faces together
Because pictures can’t be taken
We type “lol” when we laugh
Because of the situation we’re in

Raised in different cultures
I’ll accommodate my styles
Just to see my big sister
If that will make us smile

The minute you smell trouble
You’ll know that we have met
Chels & Risa taking on the world
No longer on the net!

All because of a love so true
Eirisa and Chelsey, me and you……


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Latest Comments

  • 9 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Such a beautiful poem of friendship and sisterhood. this bond is very special and rare and I liked how you added in little things that the reader wouldn't truly understand because these little things were between you and your sister.

    It is so hard to be apart from the ones we love and it is even harder when we can't afford the money to see them, talk to them, be with them and do the things we would do if they were closer.

    Your line where you mention the photoshopped pictures Wow, this was powerful, a photo is so precious and we take these for granteed but I am thankful for computers now and the fact we can now make such things.

    I like how you related to the longing for this sister to be there while you were growing up, I think so many girls long for a sister to look up to, but to have one and be so far for them is heart breaking.

    This poem could be related to with so mnay forms of relationships and the distance between them, I am sure many people will relate to this, I know I can.

    Well done, good job :) x

  • 10 years ago

    by Hallucinostic

    I can fully comprehend the feelings youre having when you wrote this lovely poem. I really do... Anyways, you did a fine job in creating this one. I like it, a lot, actually more than a lot :)

  • 15 years ago

    by Spanish Star

    Wow. I loved this poem. You really managed to capture the essense of the love between two sisters in this poem. Even though i grew up with my sister I can some how relate to how you miss her. Since my sister died three years ago I will always continue to carry her in my heart, as one always should do with family memebers.

  • 15 years ago

    by perfectlyBROKEN

    Love it soo much. everytm i c a poem written by u chelsey i read it and always turns out brilliant...keep it up and take care


  • 15 years ago

    by Eibutsina

    Oh I love it and what I love most about it is the personalisation of our lil secret jokes and antics that you have enclosed in this beautifully written heart felt peice. I have watched you grow babes, though it be from a distance you have never failed to amaze me and make me proud and I know that will continue as you continue to grow into the amazing young woman I slowly see revealed before my very eyes...never ever doubt my love and my pride in you Chelsey you really do amaze me each and every day sunshine, my only sunshine :O)