Cold Hearted

by EJ   Mar 7, 2006

Just taking out my anger.. I have been letting it build up for a while now so decided to let go!

maybe its true i'm really cold hearted but i dont really care
in this world where i get took for granted just because people take the wrong dare
then i'm left here hurting because i'm the person who gets the whooping
i get the beating for taking care of my friends
for keeping my mouth shut when they tell me their stories
then people get mad because i wont tell them what i know
like i'm the one who did the wrong
but no i'm not taking this anymore
i didnt do any crap to get bad mouthed
i shouldnt have to put up with your crap
when you have no idea who i am
or what i am going to be in life
leave me the crap alone and take care of your self
your friends come running to me because you dont care
they tell me all their problems
because they know i'm always there
but yet i am still the cold hearted one
well from here on out i will be cold hearted
i will be as cold hearted to you as i can be
you give me a look and i will hit you in your face
dont mess with me anymore
i'm gonna put you in your place
take care of your life and your friends
just leave me the hell alone for once
i'm sick of your BS when you wont say crap to my face
if i hear you running your mouth
i'm gonna question you face to face
leave me alone from here on out
or else i'll have to take you out!


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