I'll Never Forget

by Dawn   Mar 18, 2006

And so I said "I'm through."
And he said "okay."
It didn't even phase him,
Didn't ruin his day.

Inside my heart sank,
I tried to hide the tears.
It was over.
We almost made it a year.

I didn't mean to hurt him.
And that's probably hard to believe.
He didn't do anything wrong.
He didn't make me leave.

And although I found someone new,
I'm not ready to settle down.
I haven't stopped crying yet,
And I can't seem to get rid of my frown.

I'll never forget the times we shared,
Or the late night phone calls.
But the love I had for him
Is what I'll remember most of all.


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  • 14 years ago

    by Marissa

    its so true! its exactly how i feel when i had to break up with my boy..
    keep up the great work!