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I'm the type of person that's all about love, anytime, any way, any place...I believe in it 100%...I hope you all can see that through my writings. I've been writing since I was 12, but I've just now started to open up about it and let people read my stuff. i love those who are critical so feel free to express your opinions. lol...I love to write because it gives me freedom to say what I feel without worrying about what others think, I can just let myself go...Well anyways, I'd like to get to know all of you so give me a shout out sometime :)

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Latest Poems By Dawn

  • And so I said "I'm through."
    And he said "okay.&quot...

  • Neither one of us are sure
    Just how we got where we are...

  • There were things I kept a secret
    Things I was afraid to say...

  • Some things went bad
    But a lot of them were good...

  • Everyday I get more afraid
    Of giving my heart away...