A cut a day?

by IWroteYouAPoemOnMyWrist   Mar 31, 2006

A cut a everyday
or do i get to carried away?

I don't know what to think anymore
what exactly do i say?
I thought you might have loved me..
since i let things go your way

Maybe i wasn't ready yet
and maybe it wasn't right
but the things i let you do to me
are the things that ruin a girls life

laying in the soft tipped grass
first you took things slow
but before i knew it our clothes were off
and you were ready to go

as i layed there with a smile on
Inside I'm screaming and shaking
not knowing my heart would be a victim
of shattering, ripping, and breaking

so maybe i went to far
thinking this would be something beautiful
its funny how one minute you cared
and then next minute your stealing my soul

but baby this feels so familiar
I could have sworn I've felt like this before
only this time it's worse
this time i won't just be half dead on the bathroom floor

maybe if you didn't make this so hard
If you listened then you'd know
that when i had my last heart break
you're the only place i felt safe to go

but now you've disappeared
and I'm slipping on the edge
i run into the bathroom
in 3 hours I'm sure to be dead

people like you are the reason people like me never can dream
people like me can never feel
people like me have to slit there wrist
to make sure this is all real

but now here i am again
lying down safe and sound
soon being buried low
deep into the ground

never again to be mentioned
but only as the suicide no one understands
for i had a perfect life
in the eyes of every women and man

but thats only what they've seen.


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  • 15 years ago

    by AnorexicDream

    Thats beautiful i totally love it

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