The Practice Of The Land

by Д ßøøŋđø¢ĸ §дΦŋ†   Apr 15, 2006

There is no such thing as magic.
(Unless You‘re An Elf Or Fairy)
A wizard cannot reveal himself to anyone as a wizard. Not even other wizards.
(There Is No Such Thing As Wizards)
All wizards meet in secret, when summoned by their bound allegiance to the wizardry.
All wizard council meetings are kept anonymous.
Trust no one.
(Nobody Trusts You. Especially If You‘re Another Race Than They Are.)
A student of wizardry may not receive access until rightful age, maturity, and after passing a series of trials have granted it to him.
(And The Off-Chance That He’s Still Alive)
No one may become a wizard without a clear defined Prophecy, detailed through right of blood and legacy, allowing him to become a wizard.
(Only The Elite Minority That Doesn’t Really Exist Has Such A Prophecy)
No wizard, or student of wizardry, shall make attempts to instruct another without the proper legacy, on punishment of banishment or death, of both the instructor and the unlicensed pupil.
(Where And How Do These Trials Occur If There Are No Wizards?)
All who aid and abet a deed are as guilty as he who coordinates it, and shall reap the same consequences.
(Even If They Weren’t Really Involved At All)
Any who report acts of insolence shall also be banished from the hereafter.
(Where Does One Go When They Are Banished? For Surely This Is The Only World.)
No mercy.
(Or Reason.)
Death is not the final end. It is but a means to an end. Nothing ever really ends. Everything is repeated. Our Prophecies guide us all.
(I Was Born Out Of Wed-Lock. I Have No Claim To Legacy. Thus, I HAVE NO PROPHECY.)
Choice is an illusion.
(Then Where Does That Leave Me?)
The first thing a young wizard learns is how to separate illusion from reality.
(Then Abandon This Separation Entirely.)
Beware all illusions. They are dangerous.
(They Are Also A Lot Of Fun To Play With, But Nobody Wants You To.)
Simplicity is key. Acceptance is necessary. The Prophecy one is assigned is tailored to what has been determined an individual can readily manage.
(But I Have No Prophecy. How Does One Determine What I Can Readily Manage?)
What is good for one person is good for everyone else.
(Good Or Simply Good Enough, Or In Fact Very, Very Bad.)
Nothing is sacred.
(All Shall Be Dealt With Or Ignored Equally.)
All are subject to the law.
(Unless They Don’t Technically Exist.)
Everything you perform shall come back upon you.
(Unless You Perform The Spells To Work Around Any Scrapes You Might Come Upon.)
You reap what you sew.
(And Have A Full Harvest.)
Three-fold for everyday occurrences, ten-fold for the truly horrific outrages of nature.
The punishment shall fit the crime.
(Death Is Not The Worst Thing That Can Happen To You.)
To question, mock, or amend any of these laws is forbidden.
(But Who‘s Going To Stop Me?)


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by StandStill

    I love the parenthetical contradictions. it was a very good idea. it's like that whole thought in the back of your mind thing.

  • 15 years ago

    by AGirlWorthFightingFor

    Interesting concept. I'm intrigued to see where it goes. 5/5!

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