by Д ßøøŋđø¢ĸ §дΦŋ†   Jul 8, 2006

She's confused
I don't know what
She's capable of
Is it pain
Is it love
I'm don't think it's fun

She's got a layer of concealer
Revealing the secrets between her
& him
A girl's next door ex-best friend forever

Concealed within this
is another popaganda
TriggerHappy production

From My Generation
to MySpace
Labeled a transient
You've convinced them of your humanity
of your compassion
but you're not human
You're not one of them
& you never will be

Tune in, turn on, take over
Tune in, turn on, take over
Misguided, misplaced, naive, maybe,
but I was right
most of the time
Others I tried
I apologized
I regret nothing!

Layers of concealer
Reveal her
Concealed intentions
& misadventures


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