You always win

by Anthony Giamella   Apr 21, 2006

The grey jacket
i wore
that day
you saw me
and hid

we got to talking
in that loose class a fun social seminar
i made you laugh

we talked online
nights and nights
for hours
i never knew why

which i never had
the day i despise
in my anguish
u come to me
and give me a rose
and that smile
damn you always win

the kakhi pants i wore
which made my behind
the plaything of your hand
my numb rear
got revenge....
but in front of a teacher
damn you always win

walking around
you grabbed my sides
i was ur tug
embarrassment i felt
but you only grabbed onto me
damn you always win

i tried to explain
my logic
it beat others before
but not now
you only made me look
in a stupid bliss
damn you always win

i cried
in the depths of my despair
there was no solution
but then you all
its better
damn you always win

you cried
when he left you
for her
and when she
destroyed you inside
and i held you
close to me
and i said
everything is alright
i would say
you always win

i never knew you loved me
all this time
under my nose
and i was too caught up
in my own passion
when i said i wouldnt
damn you always win

i love you
but now
you dont seem to care
no more talking
or slapping
or flowers
no more happiness
i guess this time i won

but once i won
you finally realize
how much loosing
really meant to me

thats all i want


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  • 15 years ago

    by Samantha

    So beautifully worded*tears up*

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