Red eyes

by Anthony Giamella   Apr 16, 2006

He came to her in the fall
she a victim of the scavengers
loving her body and little else
then he came along
and made it so better for her
she told him
that she loved him
for the first time in his life he was...
not a ghost...not translucent

spring came
the time of love
yea love...such a farce
and the time
when he needed her most
when he finally accepted her love
she backed away
and drew her desires back
it was a spit in his face

after the aruging and misery
after the pentagon formed
he vanished
into thin air
the penatagon became quadriateral
and eventually it collapsed

he vanished

never to be seen in tangible form


she returned to the old way
no matter how much they hurt her
she still "loved" them...such a farce
she replaced the sweet, innocent
little grl...a little lover
into a shallow teen
the one thing he had feared
and it became a shell
but hey....she was loved by them
"i am looking for myself now"

she walks in the fields...
full of love
shes happy so shallow
she turns....
the face
stares at her
clad in black
she looks up
at his ghost

she looks

into the flashing RED EYES...

"why did you change on me?"

and all she can see

are those



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  • 16 years ago

    by ├Truely_Spoken┤

    Wow anthony, you write very mysteriosu poems
    I like ur style, keep em comin, hehe

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