by Anthony Giamella   Jul 21, 2006

"Love is warm"
"Love is red"
"Love is sunny"
"And beautiful"

Yes that love
Love of hugging
And kissing
Love of physical
Outer images
It was that very love
Who turned her back on me
Let the sun go down
On my face
As I suffered
Whithering into the night

I went out
The sky
Uniform in grey
The air cold
I love this sky
I feel at home
But "love"
Hates here
Its too hostile

This abstract world
I sat in
Then you came in
I had seen you
But then tried to get
In the sun
Which went down
On me

You approached me
And no kiss
No love
No hug
You talked
And we shared
The most wonderful
More wonderful
Than any

We thrive here
In this abstract world
Of grey sky
I feel so close to you
If you are in the sun
And the sun goes down
On you
Come ahead
Into my abstract world

The sky is grey
The air cold
The land barren
But yet in this world
I feel you
A true abstraction

Id never have
To be in the sun
Of convention
Because my love
For you
Is too abstract


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  • 16 years ago

    by mistressxsork

    Um, that was a nice poem.. good work.


    Overall Rating: 4/5

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