Filling the Gap

by Anthony Giamella   Jul 15, 2006

The day i first looked you in the eye
Your sharp, defined face
Dark eyes acting like pools
Capped by the light auburn crown of hair
I fell in love with you
It was near spontaneous

However you did not love me
And I was at fault
I acted too quickly, to recklessly
Much like I did with myself at the time
Playing with my life
And searching for who i really was

But then you fell for another
A being many saw as far superior
And then I lost sense of who i was
Changing, conforming to those
I thought i could love
After you...had earned my disposition

Many months passed
We never talked
But then one day
That face came back to me
Its long hair and dark eyes
But yet I was still nervous

But then
Almost spontaneously again
You came to me...
With another part of you
Your wonderful thoughts
And perspective
And finally i felt so at home with you
Just talking to you again

I think after a while
I had to realize that you
Are more than just a girl
You have filled in the gaps
The sense of happiness
I feel coming back to me
And this time it is true

Now I feel as if we have taken
A new light
For you are a light
Whose friendship
Guides me
And fills a significant gap
In my heart


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  • 16 years ago

    by ├Truely_Spoken┤

    That was a cool topic, filling the gap, sounds good
    i liked it much, so thoughtful, i wonder who this girl is that you keep talking about
    i might have an idea hehe...

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