Midnight masacare

by IWroteYouAPoemOnMyWrist   May 24, 2006

Dreaming, breathing
you're hearing the screams from down the hall
sounds similar to when you're soul was a bloody mess
again, you notice you're about to loose it all

You don't want to get up
but you can't wake this dream
it just feels so similar to a past experience
you want to know whats happening

Standing from the end of the hall
you see a boy, hes got your heart
you start to chase him, there he goes
be careful, or he might tare it apart

You see him, he looks familiar
like the boy who took your world
you think he came back to tell you he loves you?
and tell you he wants back his girl

no, he want to control you
haunt you in your sleep
not only kill you verbally
not with the words he speaks

Instead this is a trap
hes going to make you fall
take not only just your heart
your soul, your mind, he wants it all

your starting to remember
these old games he used to play
sweet talking, all lies
to take your breath away

suddenly you step back
its the hardest thing you've ever done
but you know you're saving yourself
keeping yourself under control, you've won

few more steps until your back into your room
safe you feel, but still in this dream
more like a nightmare
because in it was the boy who took your everything.


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