by ~*Layna*~   May 24, 2006

A distant figure appears,
In what seems like a mile away.
I know that it's you from your brown hair,
And theres something I need to say.

Maybe I shouldn't love you,
Because it's really getting old.
I'm sick of your looks,
And all the lies you've told.

The tears I've cried,
Don't mean much to you.
I see you getting ready to walk out,
But you need to know before you do.

I'm forever drowning,
In water that keeps me from air.
And though I am screaming for help,
You are just standing there.

Why won't you help me,
With something we can over come.
But I see you walk away,
And baby I'm totally stunned.

There's one more thing you need to hear,
And I want to say it before I cry,
That I don't love you anymore and I am saying goodbye....


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  • 16 years ago

    by Kaylalala

    Wow melaina that was deep and o so good... nice