Illusions & Poison Butterflies

by Amy   Jul 6, 2006

She sits in her dimly lit room
Cracked walls with peeling paint
Covered in posters of her heroes
To who's perfect lives she cant relate

Razorblades and pills hidden in her closet
And monsters lurking beneath the bed
Distorted painful memories gather dust
In the cobwebs of her head

Tracing a finger along twisting jagged lines
Like a map engraved into her pale skin
But instead of leading to destination
They paint a pretty picture of corrupted sin

There are no mirrors in this room
But a thousand pieces of sharp broken glass
Every single shard resembles
A fragment of her past

As she lays upon crisp fresh linen
So pure and white without a stain
It took them hours to wash away the blood
From every single open vein

Demons with sharp cat-like claws
Smirk and race across the walls
Whispering and taunting her
With their constant screams and calls

Spiders crawling upon every inch of skin
Urging her to take the knife beside her bed
And slowly peel away every single part of her
And watch her broken body as it bled

A thousand different voices
All screaming out in pain
Echo in the emptiness of her mind
Pulsing through her dying brain

She can see her heart explode
In front of her very own eyes
Reach out and touch the deadly beautiful
Flutter of poison butterflies

Black roses with wilted petals
Vines laced with intriguing pointy thorns
The splintering of wood
As they twist & break through the floor

A eerie smile creeps across her bleeding lips
She waves at the clown crawling across her floor
And glances at the nothingness
Scratching at her bedroom door

Tortured dreams of dark figures
That chase her through hallways in the night
Never knowing where to turn
Or which locked door she tries is right

And if she trips and falls
She knows their not far behind
Anticipating the thrilling taste of blood
And on her fears they dine

The room seems so cloudy
She wonders where are those happy pills?
She couldn't have already taken them
Because she really feels quite ill

The doctor said the medication
Would make the hallucinations go away
Make the thoughts of dying leave too
Yet they seem to linger and stay

Intoxicating smell of death
Lingers in the stagnant stale air
Inhaling it into her breathing corpse
Motionless, All she can do now is stare


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Latest Comments

  • 12 years ago

    by 0BrokenBella0

    This is an amazing poem. Very deep and thoughtful. Keep it up. 5/5

    <3 bella

  • 12 years ago

    by Daniel

    This is the reason why you are one of my favorite poets. Amazing work, always so good.


  • 12 years ago

    by Arun Khan

    Your stories, their so familiar, like I can relate, your way of describing the things, everything you make it perfect, put words on things I dared no to speak of.. 5 / 5

  • 14 years ago


    Ooooh, this is terrifying. I love it.
    I couldn't wait to read it just from the title alone and let me say I am not disappointed.
    You easily slip the reader into the madness of insanity. Each line had me rushing for the intense!
    Take care and keep it up~Holly

  • 14 years ago

    by Timothy r

    I loved every word as I read along. Haunting is a very good word to describe this poem for sure, I am glad I came across your thread, you are a major talent and I am glad you are back on the site. Thanx, Timothy r