Sickly Yours

by Amy   Sep 26, 2006

Dark tousled hair matted with blood.
You run your hands,
So sensual, Through the locks.
As if the grainy feel entices you.
My pain stirs excitement
That dwells within you.

Pressing your rough finger
Against my lips caked with dry blood.
To silence pathetic whimpers of fear.
They tremble like the withering petals of a dying rose.
And it makes you laugh.
Reverberating against the concrete walls.

My wrists start to ache
As the rope cords cut into supple flesh.
Struggling against these bonds
Just tightens the restraints.
And desperation sets in.

You turn your back on my pathetic frail form.
Twirling a long stemmed crimson rose in your hands.
Swiveling back around
You force me to stare into your eyes.
The hatred and lust burns holes in my skin.

I refuse to let the tears,
Of frustration and fear,
Cascade down my cheeks.
As you let the soft petals of the rose,
Travel across the side of my bruised face.

I force my eyes shut.
A weak attempt to block reality from my mind.
And then I'm floating. Drifting. Blurred visions become crisp.

I'm not alone, I'm with friends.
Sitting down to tea and sipping on cups of china.
Beaming smiles
And melodic laughter all around.
A warm and loving atmosphere
And I'm safe.

But things go wrong so fast.
Blood splatters the freshly painted walls.
And vomit of green spills into the nicely set out food,
Which is covered in translucent white maggots.
And I feel like I cant break free
From the sick fairytale that I've created,
To disconnect myself from you.

An overwhelming scraping noise Awakens me from this trance
Eyes flutter open adjusting to sickly fluorescent light
Another room, hours have passed,
Not knowing what has been done to my body.

Strapped down to a operating table
The cool metal against my hot flustered skin.
Your figure towering over mine,
That lustful grin as you sharpen the scalpel.
And lower it slowly to my exposed stomach.
As if taking pride in the tension and anticipation
Before the wicked pleasure
You get off on hearing my tortured screams.

Slash after slash. Cut after cut
The pain so intense,
Like a white hot needle
Tearing through me
Ripping me in half.
Blood trickles from these open wounds,
As you kiss them tenderly
And escape to the bathroom to satisfy the urges my pain makes you feel.

Weary eyes cast downward,
A shiver erupting all over my body
As I see the word now etched into my torn flesh.

And I know thats all I'll ever be.
Yours alone, To destroy.


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  • 12 years ago

    by Arun Khan

    Your talent is amazing.. that was.. wow, i'm stunned.. 5 / 5

  • 13 years ago

    by Sammie Moore

    Very descriptive. A definate 5