Too Fast

by Ashley Arnold   Jul 10, 2006

A little girl with eyes so innocent
Fell in love with a boy she barely knew
She dreamed about him day and night
At once she knew it was love at first sight
With his big blue eyes, his short Blonde hair
His soft spoken words, his gentle stare
Everything she ever wanted she seen in him
She took her chances and went out on a limb
Finally she won his love and affection
She won his heart, she won his attention
She felt so safe in his warm, loving arms
he held her close and kept her from harm
She loved him with all her heart and soul
He made her smile, he made her whole
Everything was perfect, it was all in place
But they slowly grew apart, their love had been erased
What had she done to deserve this pain?
Her heart poured out through her tears like rain
For weeks she waited for him, with no return
He stole her heart and left her to burn
Drained with no energy, deprived of sleep
She could\'t take the pain

(ddidn'tKnow how to finish it)


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  • 15 years ago

    by Micaela

    This is cute... well the first part... wow i wish i felt love like that... you must have had something really special.. and im happy for you..

    but the end part im sorry about if that really happened... but i know you'll get through it... you've always been a lil soldier...

    bye mo mo