by Ashley Arnold   Jan 25, 2006

My sweet tears are falling
I run to my room and I lock the door
Everyday the temptation becomes more and more
I open my little box of tools
A place I know so well
I take out a little tool and think as to what should swell
Trying to wipe my tears
Trying not to think of all my fears
Shaking more then I ever
Thinking " No I can't! Never!!!"
I'm persuading myself more and more
As I sit and the Freezing cold floor
I grab the sharp little shiny thing
And sit down not thinking that this is going to stinging
I press the razor against my wrist
And then little by little it begins to slit
I try to go on at a slow ,calm pace
While my heart is begins to beat at a massive race
my head is spinning around and around
Right there my body shuts down
I lay in there silence and everything is still
Trying to think what did i just fulfill
Realizing that I never Win
Not even with my own skin
I wash my face making the tears go away
standing there with dismay
I take a look at me wrist
All it looks like it a big list
I can't do this forever
But then again it's just what ever
I go to my bed
Kind of feeling a little dead
I weep and I weep
Trying to just go to sleep

"Tonight, is the last night" I say to thee
The next morning I awake around three
I Pretend everything is OK
And then have another repeat of yesterday...

~I hope you like it... its kind of ment somthing to me. I hope it does to you as well~

Please comment and vote on it, it will make me feel better!!! Thank you

Lil Ashmo


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  • 15 years ago

    by Kaylalala

    Ashmo that is so sad i hope that its not true and if it is i really hope that you will try to stop lol but ok thanx for the comment on my poem! 5/5

  • 15 years ago

    by Micaela

    Lol so you write this depressing poem and say that if people will comment on it, it'll make you happy? oddness chick....but yeah i read our old convo, i was pretty mean, i look at it and i would never be that awful to anyone....its kinda funny to