My silly little mask!!!

by Ashley Arnold   Dec 13, 2005

I wear this mask,
That is a stupid thing,
People think I am somthing else,
Some kind of queen,

But no one knows who I am,
No one but one has really ever met me,
I hide myself from the world,
And they just cannot see,

This mask is so perfect, like the stars
It makes me look so happy,
So, lift it and see my scars,
As a confused girl who wants what she cant have

My mask shows some other person,
Only one person could respond
To as whom I am,
The person and I had a great bond,

People tell me to talk to people so I can come out,
They think it will help me, they think i will let all my emotions loose
I don't want protecting believe me I am not the type to pout
I can do everything by myself

I've been told to try and fight the mask,
Try to show my true self,
"Why do you like hidding all time" is what they ask
Its not that I like it, I just only show myself to the ones I love

I'm sorry to all of you who want to know me,
Let me no the true you, let me no everything about you,
But I don't know how I can show you, me,
Until you can be true

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  • 15 years ago

    by Micaela

    Im not being rude, but you always want people to open up to you, but yet you cant give them the same in return? And hiding behind a mask doesnt mean you are independent, it means you are troubled, and to f-ing stubborn to let anyone in....o well hurt people who try to help you...