Loni it. Not mine

by Ashley Arnold   May 7, 2007

You are the world to me
Every inch of my heart belongs to thee
You make me feel so good inside
As you take me on this wonderful ride

Being with you is have I have wished for
Glad ill Welcome you into my door
Hugging and squeezing me, oh so tight
This feeling I get, just seems so right

When we are apart, I feel so lonely
As it seems these days, pass so slowly
I want to be with you, you are the one
I call you mine, I call you my hun

The feelings I have seem oh so real
When you look at me, the love I feel
My heart is all yours for you to see
To be next to you, makes me feel free

I hope that together, we can both be strong
Get through the tough times, nothing will go wrong
I love you my dear with all my heart
Show me the same, we shall never be apart


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