by Rawan   Jul 12, 2006

I can't imagine living in world where I could look at a stranger and expect a decent gesture.

A world where mumbling an opposite language wouldn't cause discrimination against myself and others.

I can't imagine a world without constant paranoia of a sin. The pressure multiplies as I cry.

A world where freedom's being is how it is defined in writing.

No more hatred for your beliefs in a higher power. I refuse to believe that others consider his insignificance.

I can't ever imagine the word love being used for someones inner self and not for their physical characteristics.

If our world could for just one day be in that position, it would give us more and more reason to dwell in existence.

One day no one will be ignored for being diverse or unique.

One day we will rise up and be heard.

Be heard and understood.

I still cannot imagine tranquility here. Not here not yet.

I can imagine it one day. When we all appreciate each other and understand what we are here for.

Don't remain in your ignorant state.


Please, just listen.


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