by Rawan   Sep 29, 2006

This is life.
Good or bad it has meaning.
2nd hand clothes and smoke surround me.
Memorized how to spell Marlboro by 7.
Born and raised in a place called everywhere.
Raised to be someone I can't be today.
A girl so young.
A mind so mature.
So unique.
I've had more tears shed than I've said goodbye.
Which amazes me, since it will be the highlight of my childhood.
She can't be 13 they say.
How can she understand what I'm going through.
Because I too have gone through it.
I've not yet seen the best, but I guarantee you I have seen the worst.
Adults lie in my face as they look at each other and laugh.
I speak my mind and then I get the respect.
My spirit broken.
My mind open.
My hand shaking as I let out a gasp.
A breath is all I need.
My heart at a fast speed.
Just let me be independent.
Crowded with awe.
No spotted flaw.
Except for the sake of being.


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