Call it Out.

by Rawan   Sep 22, 2006

What has the world come to when girls are afraid to be who they were born to be.

People say be yourself but don't really care to see.

Your actual skin.

The slang that lies within.

The accent so beautiful, the spirit so intense.

They are no better than you it's OK to go to your defense.

They call it humanity.

In my eyes it's profanity.

I want my Arab culture to shine.

Who says objects are meant to define.

Me, you, men and women should all resign.

Prey to your God, or just have hope.

Being straight forward will help you cope.

This is not life.

You're breathing but not living.

Unselfishness is not always giving.

You want to dress normal, you don't want to talk weird.

Who are they to know what's normal.

Your worries are actually fear.

Fear of standing out, fear of life, our security is someone else's race.

Your culture is not smearing, but being erased.

Call out to God, your friends, or your soul.

Let it free from society's control.


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  • 14 years ago

    by christine m

    Hm, well i happen to be arabic as well... we are the minority of the millinium!! i loved your poem... dont stop writing!!! its great