by butterfly ♥ kisses   Jul 14, 2006

Ships dock in many ports
And depend on iron anchors
To keep them where they belong.
When the tides toss and turn,
The harbor keeps them safe
Until the storm has passed.
You have been my protector.

Lonely winds tear through the night
In search of someone who understands
What their cries really mean.
The humble willow waits patiently;
Her leaves hang in suspense
For the winds to come calling
So she can decipher their cries
And hold tight to their secrets.
You have been my confidant.

Sidewalks lay silent in the early hours,
Illuminated by the lamps that look upon them.
Warm light protrudes from its glass casing
And shines on those who wander.
They are always on--
Always willing to show the way
To those who may be lost.
You have been my guiding light.

Through the flames
And amidst the shadows,
Your armor still shines so bright,
Even though my halo is a little bent.
Despite the lows
And unexpected falls.
I can still see your hand reaching out
To pull me to safety.

No matter the cause,
You fight for me.
Without condition or reservation,
You love me.
That is why you'll always be my hero.

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