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Hey my name is Kayla and I just wanted to say thanks everyone for reading my poems! I appreciate all your comments! If you ever wanna chat just IM me @ swtpea15A :)

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  • Ships dock in many ports
    And depend on iron anchors...

  • Each day I take a few moments
    To sit outside on my porch...

  • Words are all I know.
    I can write them on paper as easily...

  • It seems to me I’m always keeping time,
    Always counting the seconds and minutes...

  • I don't want to forget;
    I don't want to lose sight...

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  • Hey, everybody! Please check out my new poem "Realization". It's a goody. Thanks so much!


    18 years ago
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  • I'm sick of apologizing for my feelings.
    I'm tiired of resenting my heart.
    This is the last time I surrender my soul
    And let myself fall this hard.

    18 years ago
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  • Hey everybody. I've submitted a new poem and I would really appreciate if you guys took the time to read it. It's very close to my heart and the first thing I've written in a long time. Thanks :)


    18 years ago
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