by Lauren   Jul 19, 2006

Someone help me
Someone please
I’m dying from this sick disease

Infected with a parasite
that never goes away
Something deep inside of me
Hurts a little more each day

No soothing voice to calm me
No comforting hand to hold
No shoulder for me to cry on
No shelter from the cold

Dormant voices tucked away
Too alone, too scared to speak
A voice unheard, a thought disturbed
I’m sickeningly weak

No pills for me to swallow
No liquid to inject
No substance on which to rely
But a numbness to reject

Guerrilla moods, sporadic feuds
A war within myself
A chance occurs, despondence burns
I am in horrid health

Enveloped by confusion
At a loss of something grave
I’m completely lost, my mind’s askew
Scorned by Aphrodite’s hate


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  • 14 years ago

    by kia

    It had a nice flow very nice. I related to it a lot. Especially the third paragraph. Brang up a lot of lonely thoughts :(. 5\5 take care. Love you to comment on any of mine