Illegal Smiles

by Cantchangeme   Mar 9, 2004

They’ll set you on fire
To break the chill
Hands over your mouth
Swallow the pill
They’ll let you decay in
What we call real
They hit me again, again
It’s painful to feel

Smile aren’t you happy
Now I smile no more
Smile aren’t you happy
My hymens broken
Now that I’m a wh0re

The suffocating silence
The shape moves on
Lost childhood memory
They surface once again
They will always haunt you
As the fire engulfs you

They’ll use razor blades
To line your pillow
Trapped in a dark forest
Weeping willow
They’ll bring the clouds
Swallow the rain
They laugh out and point
As were hit again

Smile aren’t you happy
That I here you sigh
Smile aren’t you happy
Look into my face
As I wave goodbye

A whisper in the wind
Speaks about your day
Another thoughtless act
Another forgotten dream
Another lost friendship
As the fire engulfs you

They’ll bring you the knife
You’re shown the vein
Doctor’s sent to kill the cure
Maybe I’m too plain
They’ll make it all legal
To feel the pain
They’ll make it illegal
To smile again

Smile aren’t you happy
I’ve gone away
Smile aren’t you happy
Just another day
Smile aren’t you happy
Something I got to say
Smile aren’t you happy
That I died today


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Latest Comments

  • 17 years ago

    by *K~L~C*

    i seriously don't know what to say

  • 17 years ago

    by Cantchangeme

    They go from my heart, its from the heart, do you have any poems on here i can check out?

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