So Called Lonely Girl

by Rawan   Sep 8, 2006

The feeling of alone has an identity. I am recognized as loneliness because I am unique. I choose to be quiet and unnoticed. But I will never be unheard. My opinion will be explosive and is from the depth of my identity. I am recognized as a feeling and not as a person. I won't keep quiet if I have a point to prove. My loneliness is confidence to my soul. Unique is an adjective not a compliment. It describes this lonely girl. As 100 other adjectives do. I am loneliness. My name is Rawan. My age is 13. My mind is 35. I know who I am, I know who I will be, and I know who not to be. I am loneliness to clones. I am garbage to skeptics. I am envy to love. I am me to God.


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