My mOtHeR dUg My GrAve

by Moon Princess   Oct 13, 2006

She looks down and sees,
a razor in her hand,
she doesn't know how it got there,
she doesn't understand.

She looks down and watches,
as blood flows from her wrist,
she stares in confusion,
her blood curls and twists.

She looks down and cries,
and her tears burn her skin,
she doesn't know why she does this,
she never seems to win.

She looks down and hears,
her heart suddenly stop,
her mother comes in and sees,
she wipes the blood up with a mop.

Her mother looks down and sees,
the razor in her hand,
she sighs, this girls a trouble,
her blood drips down like sand.

Her mother bends down to pick her up,
she moves her to a grave,
her mother doesn't want her here,
her life she won't save.

Her mother piles the dirt on top,
then goes to clean the mess,
she doesn't even say goodbye,
she couldn't care less.

Her mother said she ran away,
her mother said a lie,
her mother put on a fake act,
she even faked a cry.

My mother let me run away,
she let me leave to hide,
a razor in my hand tonight,
is like I'm on a ride.

I'm glad I finally left that place,
now I'm free to roam,
I cut and died to leave my life,
and that place that was called my home.


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  • Hey, Great poem, well written, good metre and rhyming. Great Poem, you too should be pround of this one!
    Love MEl

  • 13 years ago

    by robin milford

    I enjoyed this sad poem thanks for your comment on my poem "untitled"

  • 13 years ago

    by Kelbie

    This poem is one of the best i've ever read. I just started using this site in particular so i have none posted but honestly this is DEFINATELY one of the best i have ever read... it was amazing, i hope to read more from you.

  • 13 years ago

    by LovinMyLife

    Lol I'm sorry your computer did that to you. That sux. Anyway, I really like this poem! It is amazing! wow! 5/5 for sure!

  • 13 years ago

    by Katie Bennett

    Wow! you go girl! lol. you have such an awesome talent! i lvoe your rhyme scheme and your word choice. your poems are very deep as well and most people can relate to them. you'll make it big someday!