Just friends is worthless...

by emmajaynexo   Nov 1, 2006

The love of my life has been and gone.
Even in the grayest of skies his smile still shone.
I Miss him so and i wish for him to know
That even when we are apart your still the "one"

The Gentle touch of our lips
The caressing of our fingertips
The words whispered in my ears
Told me stories people thought i wouldn't hear

No matter what happens
I will always be here
Guiding you
And stopping your fears

Never think you are all alone
Because I'm always thinking of you
Never think no one cares
I will always be here to be with you

You may think we are finished
And words were said and done
But think back on the times we spent together
Agree that they were fun?

I know i told you "Im over you"
God Knows why it was said
But now being "just friends" is worthless
Im better off being dead...

Can't forget you


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