I'd Do Anything For You......

by emmajaynexo   Jul 2, 2007

Looking into the sky
Tears falling to the ground
Picking up that knife
I try not to make a sound

Cutting very slowly
Cutting very deep
I try to pass on quietly
So my parents lose no sleep

Day by day
The tears would fall
He would just look away
Because he didn't care at all

He was always in my dreams
All i thought about
He would always be on my mind
Thats without a doubt

My minds F U C K E D up
Yes i agree
But i only do these things
So he F U C K I N notices me

Hoping he would help me out
Yet he just sits and looks away
Maybe he will be careful what he does
After 11:00pm today

I'm sat here by the window
Your picture in my hand
Starting to cut away at my arm
Wondering if you would ever understand

Please turn up to my funeral
And say your last goodbye
To the girl who would of done anything for you
Even F U C K I N die ...


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  • 13 years ago

    by Kaetaj

    Wow that is sooo..deep..