Shouldn't have made me this way

by emmajaynexo   Aug 19, 2008

This is a poem dedicated to the book -nineteen minutes- by Jodi Picoult -spoiler alerts- i had to change stuff in it though to make it my own

Sterling Town
A friendly place
Neighbors seem happy
Youll always see a smiling face.

Until One cold march morning
Sterling looked in disgust
As a normal boy
Turned Sterlings happiness to dust.

Theres part of this story so sad to read
It includes mothers, fathers, girlfriends who grieve
Sterling high school a learning happy place.
But on that day there was no smiling face.

Peter Houghton the school geek
Never classed as a person always a freak
Went into the school with murder on his mind
Victims lay one by one
He shot the ones who bullied him for fun.
He was happy to know that they were gone.

One victim was lying in a pool of blood but was alive
Josie looked up to see her boyfriend by her side
Baby, wake up she pushed and screamed
He spoke back but she was in a dream.
He faded away, smiling saying I love you
She loved him that she knew

29 people was caught with bullets
19 survived and were able to pull threw it
Battered and scarred for life they will be
But they are luckier than the 10 who never made it
So young, life was theirs until that day.
When the freak Peter Houghton took it away.

Follow me threw the stages of time
One by one we will finally see
What made peter murder so easily?

It started in Kindergarten when they stole his lunch box
He looked down at his shoes and sat down, didnt dare speak.

He only had one friend
There till the very end?
Josie was her name
Never joined in with the hit peter games.

Thick as thieves, together always
But sadly grew apart
When Josie went threw a popular phase
And gave peters bully her heart.

Peter was messed up
Having no where to turn
He devised up a plan
Make the bullies finally learn.

Through the years of torment
His hatred grew
He circled the ones he hated
And some he hardly knew

One cold march morning
Sterling stood still
Now readers think with me for a moment
Only if you will

His high school life was a mess
No one knew or cared
Everyone he ever loved
Just was never there

Going up the steps
Of Sterling High
Peter felt happy
His torment finally would end.

Shooting, guns blazing
Running and screaming
Blood pouring
He thought he was dreaming

He ran after his bullies and shot them with glee
But failed to shot the person who hurt him emotionally.
The police arrested him and he went to jail.
Judges and the jury denied him bail.

Sleeping in his cell
He starts to cry
They started it
I just had to end it
But that only how it would stop.

Tears roll down
His bullied hardened face
Stuffing a sock in his mouth
Losing lifes race.

A year later
Sterling dedicates the school to the ten victims of peters
White chairs stood in place
Tears roll down everyones face
Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters
Girlfriends, boyfriends, teachers and lovers.
A Safe Harbour it may be
But it wasnt safe from the likes of me

In this story, were was deepest thoughts?
My fears my tears the trails I fought,
I may be gone but all I want to say,
If you wanted to be safe, you shouldnt have made me this way

Love peter x


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