Dinner at Dracula's

by Cooper   Nov 9, 2006

Sick lightning thrashed,
And drum beat rain drowned my head.
The sky, dark and mystical
with thundering clouds and sword sharp stars,
On top a peak of cold shadowed scars.

Here stood the idol of vampyric plays
and the fantastic, ever mooned
Transylvannian horror days.
Grabbing a gargoyle's teeth,
I slammed them against the Devil's door,
And who else was there to answer,
but the very famed Dracula, of Gothic lore.

Whisps of feasts caressed my nose,
from within the belly of the beast.
Though the hosts lips were stained red as a rose,
I followed fleshy carpets into the dark,
and stopped infront a table,
Unnatural lights screamed a chair for me to park.

As a guest of Dracula's house,
I was told to feast as like a mouse.
And silver lined dishes,
spread amongst a steel and stone table,
Which I uncovered to my greediest wishes.

The plates smelled of very aged spice,
and hints of Hell fire cooked mice.
But scent did not matter to me,
And I gorged myself on the delicious treats,
wiping my mouth with the table sheets.
And Dracula just watched,
a grin on his face.
What was it he was doing,
eying me with some odd disgrace?

Soon my belly was full,
after devouring what a troll would call lunch.
To wash out my glutton throat,
Dracula offered me a wine glass of sparkling punch.
With more greed than before,
I poured it down by glasses galore.

In time,
after sitting upon the skeleton chair,
Deep pains rode through my self,
A body gluttoned and nowhere near fair.
With a glance at Dracula's wicked smile,
I realized in a very short while,
His feasts were of taint,
creatures of the abyss would only eat.
And as blurred darkness became so complete,
I heard his laughter and mocking, loud and yet faint.

Now as I lay shackled in chains,
within cells on the dead walking plans,
I shall never forget the vampire,
that gave me this consequence so dire.
When I feasted from his table,
And met my fate and fable,
The night I ate,
Dinner at Dracula's,
and stayed to late.

***Just a humorous little poem I cooked up in about ten minutes. I had fun with this, so it's not really expected (even of me) to be anywhere near good. Enjoy though!***


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by The Crappy Poet

    I enjoyed reading this actually. Got a little lost though...but good for something you wrote in 10 minutes

  • Hm...I like. For something you cooked up in 10 minutes it was pretty good. (a lot of my poems are spurs of the moments)
    I liked it tho. Creative. What a wonderful picture. And...hehe...reminds me to never have dinner at Dracula's house and stay late. haha!


  • 13 years ago


    You're certainly right about it being nowhere near good, for it has far surpassed that meagre word. And for the second time today, I am left speechless by your immense talent. 5 from me, it was brilliantly done, as usual.

  • Ok, hey lol I'm actually on MY account thing now so like... it doesnt seem as weird but anyways great poem. 5/5 =] I still can't believe you wrote that in 10 mins... that's like pro.
    Much Love,
    Rayne xx

  • 13 years ago

    by Joshy555

    I liked it. It's very interesting in its own way and I totally love it. Very well written and full of descriptions or whatever. 5/5 =]
    Much Love,
    Rayne xx

    PS You only wrote that in 10 mins?? It's awesome.