An Angels Rose

by Kalgalath   Nov 9, 2006

I am walking in a cemetery,
And as the snow falls
I notice something out of the ordinary
Something that does not belong

As I strain my eyes,
I look hard to see
Something that cries,
What could it be?

The sun starts to set,
The snow falls more steadily
Everything is beset
It all looks so heavenly

I pull my cloak tight,
So that I can keep warm
It is nearly midnight,
There clearly is a storm

As I am wandering,
I take a look around
I am pondering,
What could be that sound?

Then I see that something out of the ordinary
It is an angel, something extraordinary
This angels is weeping,
For what she is keeping

As I come near,
She whispers "no"
I cannot hear,
Because it is said too low

She is holding something in her hands,
Something she says is bland
I don't know what it could be,
So I take a look to see

She is holding her rose,
Something turned black
It is froze,
From sunshine lack

This angel's rose,
Was turning to ash
Her eyes began to close,
As there was a flash

The rose lit up,
There was a bright light
She was shook up,
And full of fright

I told her not to fear
Nothing is awry
I said to her "dear"
"There is no need to cry"

Her rose was consumed
Before the coming dawn
It would no longer bloom,
Because it was gone

What she is now holding in her palms,
Is something that now is gone
She misses her rose,
That once glowed

Instead of her rose,
There is only ash
I told her to cast it to the wind,
So that all her pain could end

I hold out my hand,
Willing her to accept it
Up off the sand,
No longer discomfit

She takes my hands in hers
And as she stands
She wipes herself clean,
Then once again grasps my hands

She looks at me,
With eyes full of sorrow
Her rose is gone,
Before tomorrow

This angel sings,
Such a sad song
She spreads her wings,
And wants to be gone

Still holding her hand,
I don't want her to go
She is so grand,
She starts off so slow

Up off the ground,
She slowly rises
Such a beautiful sound,
There are no surprises

Our hands slowly part
I try to hold on
I want to have her heart,
But she wants to be gone

What this angel does not realize,
Was that I was meant to find her
She says her goodbyes,
And everything becomes a blur

--Sometime later--

I am walking in a cemetery,
Once again
There is nothing out of the ordinary,
Only the wind

I walk by,
To where I saw an angel
I wish I could fly,
So that I could find her

Up in heaven,
Is where she dwells
I start to leave,
Then something fell

A rose slowly glides down,
I pluck it from the air
It has flown,
With much care

I hold the rose,
As the sun sets
I try to expose,
Something I don't get

Why am I holding this?
Where did it come from?
Could it represent a kiss,
That could become?

This angel has a secret,
That she keeps hidden
She tries to keep it,
But it has bidden

When this angel gives a rose,
It is to the one she adores
It grows,
From her core

This angel has been charmed,
By my benevolent ways
She has been alarmed,
That she did not stay

Stay there on that one night,
When I helped her let go
It was so light,
Because of the snow

At that time,
She was not aware
She was sublime,
As she stare

Now she wants to have my heart,
As I once wanted hers
She was torn apart,
Because she could not find the words

I am holding her rose,
That represents her heart
I hope it never goes,
And that we never part


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Latest Comments

  • 13 years ago

    by Mexi

  • 13 years ago

    by Wasted Fake Smiles

    Woah dude..this was AMAZING. very very very long..but totally worth the time to read was so sad and speechless. 5/5

  • 13 years ago

    by ShootingStar179

    Why am I holding this?
    Where did it come from?
    Could it represent a kiss,
    That could become?

    Now she wants to have my heart,
    As I once wanted hers
    She was torn apart,
    Because she could not find the words
    These two stanzas do not fit as well as the others. But I love this poem. It seems so peaceful. Even in the setting of a cemetary, it gives sort of a cherubic atmosphere, hence the angel. I love it. Amazing.

  • 13 years ago

    by dollwithafrown

    Now that was rather a long poem, haha.

    I really enjoyed it though. You have a somewhat unique style about your writing. Good job.

  • 13 years ago

    by Jenni Marie

    I enjoyed this, it was original in theme and concept which is always nice.
    I thought the flow was off in one or two places, but apart from that, I found this very enjoyable.
    You have true talent.
    P.S I just got the comment now.