What I miss

by Bittersweet Sundown   Nov 18, 2006

You showered me with sweet kisses
You brushed your fingers through my hair
It's your smile that I miss
Your laugh that carries in the air

I still feel your arms around me, holding me tight
Your beautiful brown eyes looking at me
And I try with all my might
To forget what I can't see

I wish for you to give it all back- everything you took
Took from me. My heart, my love -
But the one thing I want back the most -
How can you give back what i can't give out again?

I miss your love
I miss your arms
I miss your sweet kisses

But not the pain
Not the lies
Not the sorrow
And everytime you didn't call
And everytime you left

Bring back the old you
Bring back the old me
Love me again
Need me again
Because I'm crumbling without you


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